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Jan 11, 2007 · ANN ARBOR—Carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers who take vitamin B6 in hopes of improving their condition are wasting their money and may be jeopardizing their health. The largest and most comprehensive study to date of the relationship between vitamin B6 and carpal tunnel syndrome found no correlation between a patient’s vitamin B6 status and the hand/wrist ailment. Taking B6 helps to get rid of the extra water that is causing carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors recommend 50 to 200 milligrams of vitamin B daily to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Some evidence shows that vitamin B6 won't work properly unless you're getting adequate amounts of riboflavin and biotin which are other B vitamins. Jun 30, 2012 · Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Vitamin B6 Carpal tunnel syndrome CTS is a common condition usually associated with repetitive strain from jobs that require a fast, constant movement of the arms and hands such as working on an assembly line. Up to 9% of adult women develop CTS and the rate of incidence increases after age 50. Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Caused by Inadequate Vitamin B-6 and B-2? by Jack Challem Ten years ago, carpal tunnel syndrome was most often seen in factory workers, secretaries, and supermarket cashiers whose jobs required them to repeat the same hand and wrist movements thousands of times a.

Vitamin B6 pyridoxine has been a controversial treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. Some clinicians maintain it is ineffective Wipperman & Goerl, American Family Physician, Dec.15, 2016. Others say it works to ease symptoms Talebi et al, Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, online Aug. 20, 2013. B6 has been prescribed as an adjunct to conservative treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome for 30 years, but studies have failed to show any benefit with doses of 100 to 200 mg daily, the National Institutes of Health reports 2 4. B6 does act as an analgesic by raising the pain threshold and may help relieve pain. In my practice, vitamin B6 pyridoxine therapy 100 to 200 mg daily for 12 weeks has proved curative for a large percentage of patients having carpal tunnel syndrome CTS. Laboratory determination of the vitamin B6 status has been useful in diagnosing deficiency and in making decisions relative to surgery. The normal dose of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate for carpal tunnel syndrome is Vitamin B6 50 mg 3 times day for just a month or two to reverse the condition. If you don't see results consider the fact that B6 requires adequate levels of zinc. Zinc deficiency inhibits conversion of B6 into its active form. B6 is useless until the zinc deficiency is.

Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome may find relief from taking vitamin B6 supplements as a complementary therapy, according to some research. But B6 also can be found in rich supply in certain. Although some early research suggests that taking vitamin B6 might relieve certain symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, most research suggests that this supplement does not benefit people with this. Aug 03, 2014 · Vitamins will cure your carpal tunnel syndrome, but no medical doctor will tell you about this Natural Treatment! So, if you are considering self-treating your carpal tunnel syndrome with vitamin.

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