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Apr 24, 2019 · Theobroma cacao can be translated as chocolate, food of the gods. This tree is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. The beans are the source of the cocoa used to make chocolate. But this extract is more than simply a pleasure for our tastebuds. Over the past decade chocolate has had a blossoming reputation as being heart healthy. Cacao Beans: 5 Health Benefits 1. Lowers Blood Pressure & Improves Circulation.2. Supports Cardiovascular Function & Health.3. Neutralizes Free Radicals.4 Improves Digestion.5 Promotes Physical and Mental Health.

The polyphenolic ingredients in cacao, such as procyanidins, flavanols, and caffeine derivatives, work wonders for your heart health. These bioactive ingredients lower hypertension, scavenge free radicals, and boost HDL levels in your plasma. Cacao is the raw seed or bean from Theobroma Cacao tree. Cacao beans are loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. Beans are one of the richest sources of Magnesium. In the raw form, Cacao holds a number of health benefits. They regulate sugar levels in. Its scientific name Theobroma cacao actually means “food for the Gods” and it was believed to have been sent from the heavens as a gift to mankind. Most cacao that you come by today has been processed and roasted in such a way that it loses most of its health and spiritual benefits.

35 Scientific Health Benefits of Cocoa Unsweetened Cocoa Powder are to reduce the risk of stroke, blood clot, anti-cancer, and more healthy advantages. Theobroma cacao. Actually, just having a cup of hot cocoa all of those health benefits will be gained along with a better cognitive performance because cocoa is also well known as. Dec 19, 2019 · Cocoa butter sometimes called theobroma oil is a natural, meltable oil that’s extracted from the cocoa bean. Cocoa beans are seeds from the Theobroma cacao L. plant, a member of the Sterculiaceae plant family. These beans are used to make “one of the most important and widespread functional foods in human history”: chocolate. Though we’ve already mentioned ways cacao nibs improve heart health, there’s, even more, good stuff in them that keeps our cardiovascular system happy and healthy. Potassium has been proven to help regulate blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and cancer. Mar 23, 2011 · Cocoa Rich in Health Benefits. Cocoa Consumption May Decrease Blood Pressure, Improve Cholesterol, Researchers Say.

Aug 09, 2018 · They have been linked to numerous health benefits, including reduced inflammation, better blood flow, lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Cacao is incredible for vibrant, healthy skin because it contains flavonoids that work to increase blood flow to the skin’s surface. This increased blood flow will promote cell regeneration which is. Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder. There is a reason why Theobroma cacao translates as “food of the gods.” It is because it is loaded with health benefits that could absolutely prolong your life. Polyphenols are antioxidants that are present in particularly high amounts in cocoa powder. Desideri G, Kwik-Uribe C, Grassi D, et al. Benefits in cognitive function, blood pressure, and insulin resistance through cocoa flavanol consumption in elderly subjects with mild cognitive.

Sep 26, 2019 · Cocoa Powder amazing benefits includes stabilizing blood pressure, supporting brain health, a good source of antioxidant, maintains cholesterol level, treats diabetes, cure bronchial asthma, contain healing power, reduces obesity, strengthening cardiovascular health, a mood buster, helps treat constipation, prevent cancer, and support skin health.

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